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Voices of Experience

Sep 10, 2019

Join us for part two of Michelle Villalobos', CSP, (@mivi) interview as she shares tech tools for building a business back end with products, coaching, and live events. NSA Members can learn more about her Retreats to Revenues Calculator Webinar Live Version resource, which they can download at


How are you using your customer relationship management tools for leads? Joe Mull, CSP, (@joemull77), Shawn Rhodes (@shoshinconsul), and Cara Silletto (@crescendohr) join Crystal to discuss different approaches to handling inbound and outbound leads as well as managing event tasks after a client signs a contract.


2019-20 NSA President Anna Liotta (@annaliotta) and NSA CEO Mary Lue Peck (@MaryLuePeck) discuss exciting shifts and benefits coming to NSA over the next year.